Yield Parrot & Olive Cash

A new partnership that will open new opportunities for all the Yield Parrot community

Olive Cash is a multichain yield farming protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon. It offers pools & farms, exchange, and NFT features.

What is $OLIVE?

$OLIVE is the native governance token of olive.cash ecosystem. You can trade, stake and earn $OLIVE single token and LPs at their website and their partners’.

What new opportunities does this partnership bring?

At yieldparrot.finance, we will build an OLIVE-BNB vault, leading to the farm at Olive Cash, and do 6 auto-compounds per day to transform APR into a much higher APY. But that’s not all, we will also add $LORY rewards to get even higher rewards for the participants of the vault.

At olive.cash there will be a single token $LORY farm with 2x OLIVE rewards for the first two days, and 1x after that.

As a multichain platform, new opportunities for collaboration are already built to extend our partnership on the Fantom Opera chain, bringing more opportunities for the community.




State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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Yield Parrot

Yield Parrot

State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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