Yield Parrot & DefySwap

Find out all the details of this valuable partnership with one of the most advanced projects on Fantom

Yield Parrot
2 min readJan 17, 2022

We continue achieving high-quality partnerships that bring new opportunities for our community. Before we arrived at Fantom, we started working alongside DefySwap, an amazing DEX with a CEX-like interface, and very advanced features.

There have been multiple valuable opportunities deployed on this partnership that provided benefits for the communities and holders of both projects. Starting with cross-marketing actions across Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Medium, and AMAs at both groups to get the communities involved with each other projects, we built a path for a long-term relationship.

Right from the start, when our platform went live, there was already deployed a DFY-FTM auto-compounding vault that also added $fLORY to the rewards. All DefySwap community has now the opportunity to enjoy staking DFY with an extremely high APY.

Shortly after launch, we have added initial liquidity to open $fLORY trading opportunities at DefySwap DEX. This provides DefySwap community the opportunity to buy $fLORY without the need to leave the platform they like most to access buying our token.

After the liquidity was added, DefySwap deployed an fLORY-FTM farm at their platform, with some juicy DFY rewards. This opportunity was really well welcomed by both DefySwap and Yield Parrot communities.

This is just the start, and more forms of collaborations will come soon to offer new opportunities for the communities of both projects and continue developing and nurturing this great partnership.

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