Yield Parrot & CroxSwap

A new partnership that opens new opportunities to all the community

Yield Parrot
2 min readNov 12, 2021

This partnership will benefit Yield Parrot community by adding new opportunities, including a vault and a pool at yieldparrot.finance. But that’s not all, because we have worked alongside CroxSwap team to plan a continued partnership, where all the community will be able to find a Stake Lory & Earn Crox pool at croxswap.com

What is Crox Swap?

Crox Swap is a dual farming protocol that aims to nurture the DeFi ecosystem with its upcoming decentralized cross-chain bridge. This innovative feature will bring enormous value to all the DeFi ecosystem and users, facilitating cross-bridge transactions.

What is $CROX?

$CROX is the native governance token of Crox Swap. You can stake $CROX at croxswap.com and earn really high yields.

What does this mean to Yield Parrot?

Al the Yield Parrot community will be able to enjoy of a pool that will give CROX rewards and a CROX-BNB vault with 6 auto-componds per day and extra $LORY rewards.

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀



Yield Parrot

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