Yield Parrot arrives at Fantom Opera chain

After a really successful presale where we raised +237%, we are now live and offering the highest APYs

Yield Parrot
2 min readJan 13, 2022


First of all, we would like to publicly thank DeFi Launch team for the hard work at the Incubation Program. It was of real value for the whole Yield Parrot ecosystem, including all the BSC side that’s already been live since June 2021.

The 237% oversubscription on the presale hasn’t come out of pure luck but was the result of a very strong marketing campaign deployed with all DeFi Launch media partners and some of Yield Parrot’s new Fantom collaborators.

We have run banners at Dapp.com in multiple placements, including their main banner for more than one complete week before the presale started. Also, several DeFi related Twitter accounts and Telegram groups have supported us with content posting and AMAs, increasing the visibility of our project and getting new members to our community.

Tokenomics architecture and new platform developments

In this area, we also can see the great work of DeFi Launch tokenomics design engineer. For our Fantom token, $fLORY, we have built a max supply that’s actually really low, only 5,000,000 tokens. This number is really low because the initial supply is 1,000,000 tokens and the listing price was $0.20

To ensure steady growth of the token price, we have built all the vaults of our platform to be buyback vaults. This means that every time a vault compounds (every 4 hours, 6 times per day), it buys more $fLORY automatically, increasing the buying pressure of the token and therefore the price of it.

But that’s not all. We also worked on the BSC side of the protocol to ensure that the whole ecosystem has a more sustainable way of working and can ensure a long-term vision where all the holders can see the benefits. The buyback vaults will be built and deployed also in the BSC platform.

New Fantom partners

With the help of DeFi Launch business relationships department, we have updated all the processes of adding new high-value partners. We had already a very good workflow in this area, achieving huge partners on BSC, such as ApeSwap, BabySwap, Wault Finance, among others, but there’s always room to improve.

In only a few weeks working on our Fantom partners, we have gotten to do collaborations with SpookySwap (#1 on Fantom), SpiritSwap (#2 on Fantom), Dark KnightSwap, DefySwap, and Singular.

We are working with many more projects to build new opportunities for all our community and we’ll announce what’s coming next in all our channels.

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