New partnership with Singular

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Singular!

Yield Parrot
2 min readOct 11, 2021


What is Singular?

Singular is a multichain protocol with a lucrative unique Triple Farming System. Together with their community, it provides secure, safe, reliable, sustainable projects.

What is $SING?

Sing is the governance token at Singular. You can buy $SING at Apeswap and stake them at the pools and farms of the website.

What does this partnership mean to the Yield Parrot?

All the community will be able to enjoy earning Sing while staking Lory.
And also you will be able to enjoy a SING-BUSD optimized vault, with 6 auto-compounds per day and extra $LORY rewards!

On everyone can enjoy a Stake Sing & Earn Lory pool at the melting pot. And a LORY-BNB dual farm, where you can earn SING and BANANA!

And along with cross-marketing actions, Yield Parrot community will be nurtured with increased exposure. With presence on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium, and including cross AMAs on the Telegram groups of both projects.

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀



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