New Partnership with JetFuel Finance Ecosystem !

What is JetFuel? 🚀

Jetfuel Finance is a fair-launch deflationary yield farming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. It is an all in one defi protocol with products such as yield optimization at Jetfuel.Finance, credit/lending at Fortress, transactional tax/auto liquidity/passive yield token GFORCE, Automated Market Maker called Jetswap as well as a staking platform in an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem.

What is $WINGS?

WINGS token is one of the main tokens of JetSwap, powering the platform.

Website :
Twitter :

Documentation :

What does this partnership mean for the Parrot family? 🦜

First of all, is another step going forward on our strategic plan of partnerships with different projects to expand the protocol and increase value for Lory Holders.

As part of the good news, the liquidity token WINGS-BNB LP will be added to our listed vaults and we’ll develop a custom strategy so Parrot and Jetfuel can enjoy a juicy APY!

As part of the Partnership we have a new Pool! With Rewards in $WINGS

Also Now Live: LORY PILOT → Stake LORY & Earn WINGS

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀



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