New partnership with Fleta Connect!

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Fleta Connect! This is another step in our strategic partnership plan to increase the presence of the protocol and enhance the DeFi Ecosystem!

What is Fleta Connect?

Fleta Connect is a new DeFi service created by Team Fleta with years of experience in the field. It is willing to offer significant benefits to their users with its own buyback mechanism and aims to give more rewards to DeFi users.

What is $CHERRY?

Cherry is the governance token at Fleta Connect. You can buy $CHERRY at and stake them at the pools and farms of the website.

What does this partnership mean to the Yield Parrot community?

All the community will be able to enjoy earning Cherry while staking Lory. And along with cross-marketing actions, Yield Parrot community will be nurtured with increased exposure.

Cross AMAs on the Telegram groups of both projects are scheduled for October 5th, aiming to create more engagement with its communities.

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀




State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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Yield Parrot

Yield Parrot

State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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