New Partnership with DeFi Launch

This strategic partnership will help build Yield Parrot ecosystem and collaborate in achieving important milestones on our Roadmap

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3 min readOct 27, 2021

We continue to grow and today we take another step in our strategic plan of partnerships with different projects to expand the protocol and increase the value for Lory holders.

What is DeFi Launch?

DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process.
As the first incubator that provides complete assistance and support in the areas of development, marketing, communications, security and strategic partnerships, they have created a unique and safe destination for both pre-sale investors and pre-launch projects.

Audited by Certik and already partnered with Barbecue Finance and DappRadar, DeFi Launch is one of the biggest promises in all DeFi ecosystems.

Experience in DeFi Ecosystem → By connecting new projects with exclusive partnerships and best-in-class services that are simply not available to most new projects, they provide confidence, removing the biggest barrier to entry for most investors: fear and mistrust in new projects.

Security Benefits → All incubated projects receive a full project audit from us and also from their partners. Audit processes last 2–3 months less than usual. We help provide confidence to investors.

What is $DLAUNCH?

$DLAUNCH is the governance token of DeFi Launch ecosystem. By holding $DLAUNCH you are being part of their community and will have the chance of participating in each of DeFi Launch presales.
You can earn $DLAUNCH by using the farms, buying through de LP Creation function, or staking $DLAUNCH.

DeFi Launch’s Mission

To promote projects with exceptional value through the development of blockchain and the best solutions for the ecosystem.

To join DeFi Launch Incubation Program, project developers and teams must meet their strict acceptance criteria. That will provide them the unique opportunity of accessing their network of resources.
They provide knowledge in tokenomics, development, security, marketing & communications and strategic partnerships, that help developers focus on delivering the best possible project with as much or as little assistance as necessary.

What are the benefits for the Yield Parrot community?

All the community will be able to enjoy $DLAUNCH single token and LP vaults with extraordinary high APYs. Along with these new opportunities, DeFi Launch will help build Yield Parrot ecosystem and collaborate in achieving important milestones on our Roadmap.

Yield Parrot has multichain milestones on its roadmap for the end of 2021, and with this strategic partnership, it gets closer to achieving it and ensuring the most successful outcomes possible. Working together, DeFi Launch & Yield Parrot will nurture both projects and deliver amazing opportunities for their communities.

Don’t miss $DLAUNCH presale!

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀



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