New Partnership with Bikini Finance

A great partnership gets on board, bringing new opportunities for the community

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2 min readNov 19, 2021


Bikini Finance will begin its presale on Nov 21st, 11pm UTC and after the $BIKINI token successful launch we will add some developments to open new opportunities for all the community.

Bikini Finance will also build farms and vaults with $LORY involved, increasing the buying pressure and getting the price of our native token to rise. This partnership is a win-win for both communities, that will experience big growth by adding new developments.

What is Bikini Finance?

Bikini Finance is focused on building an all-in-one multichain DeFi ecosystem, featuring an Automated Market Maker, high yield farming, yield aggregation and optimization, NFT marketplace and many more new developments to create a complete decentralized experience for investors.

What is $BIKINI?

$BIKINI is the native governance token of the Bikini Finance Ecosystem, where you will be able to use it in lots of different and innovative developments.

The $BIKINI token has a max supply of 20.000.000 in order to build a more sustainable ecosystem.

Info about $BIKINI presale

Bikini Finance has been incubated by DeFi Launch and audited by Certik. The Incubation Program allowed their team to build a strong marketing plan to ensure high levels of participation at the presale.

The presale will be hosted at and will offer unique discounts to every participant according to the tier to which they belong. There is no minimum amount to participate and it only requires DLAUNCH tokens to participate.

Nov 21st, 11pm UTC --- 3 days duration --- HUGE discount ---

Bikini Finance links

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> Telegram →

> Discord →

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