New Partnership and IGO with BarbecueSwap Finance 🍖🦜

Why BarbacueSwap Finance🍖?

We have been looking at BarbecueSwap for a long time and we believe that it is a project with a lot of growth potential, but more importantly, it seems to us a very transparent project. They have a community very satisfied with the handling that devs are doing and it is something that we would like to replicate in Yield Parrot

Like BarbecueSwap, we believe that the community is the most important thing that a project can have

They carried out a presale on their own platform with everything that implies, and even though a presale is not the most reliable way to start a project since it can be prone to rug pulls, they kept their word and started the project in time and in the way they promised. Not only that, but they raised funds for more than 400% above what they were seeking and they returned to all holders the extra amount showing the confidence that the project provides. That is why today we decided to launch our IGO no less than on BarbecueSwap platform, as a sign of confidence to our beautiful community that has been supporting us throughout all this time and with which we want to reach the moon!🚀🌕

Why IGO?

At first, we thought about making our own presale on, but we understood that many members of our community needed an extra layer of security to be able to trust the project. That is why we decided to leave our launch in the hands of someone who has already done it in a perfect and transparent way.

With the BarbecueSwap IGO, we will be able to give greater transparency and confidence to the entire Yield Parrot community

In addition, we believe that with the support of BarbecueSwap, we will be able to reach more people so that everyone can learn about this great project that is coming! It’s a boost that will give us to all parrots so that we can reach the moon faster.🦜🚀🌕

Stay tuned that in the next few days we will be communicating our Road Map as well as our tokenomics!🦜

When will this happen?

🗓 June 25th.

Community Links of BarbecueSwap…

We may probably have an AMA with them so they can ask us all what their community needs. Feel free to join us.
You can also ask your own questions. Questions from this link form will be shared with BarbecueSwap.




Remember to participate in our Giveaway and 🏆PARROT COMPETITION🏆 posted on Telegram to win those precious LORY and also tell your friends about the best Aggregator & Optimizer in the market that is about to launch so we can all fly together! 🚀🦜




State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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Yield Parrot

Yield Parrot

State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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