Keep SAFU — (Yield Parrot Academy Ch. №1 “Security Tips”)

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2 min readJun 22, 2021


In this first chapter, Lory is going to be teaching us about staying safe within the DeFi ecosystem. There is really nothing we should worry about as long as we maintain certain habits that will keep us safe and calm.

Let’s see the tips that you must follow to keep SAFU:

🔑 Use a strong password and change it regularly
It is essential to have a strong password, that’s why we put together some tips for you:
✔️Avoid common words & phrases — Better use diverse characters
✔️Never use personal information (births, names, etc.)
✔️Make your password long and complex
✔️Don’t repeat the same passwords — Use a unique password for each account you are using on a variety of platforms it is better to have a different password for each of them. Multiple passwords can prevent possible data breaches and leaks of information of the essence

Bonus Tip 🎁 — One of the best ways to generate, manage and store strong passwords is with so-called password managers. Most password managers employ sophisticated encryption mechanisms to provide an extra layer of protection.

📚 Learn about phishing - Protect your information
Phishing is an attack in which an imposter tries to impersonate someone else to obtain your personal information. It is one of the most common attacks, and you must be careful with it.

Bonus Tip 🎁 — In general they speak on behalf of a company.

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of the DeFi industry. Thus, it is crucial to reduce possible risks.
Foremost, do not share your confidential information or private keys with any project or anyone! It is extremely dangerous to betray your personal information via Google forms, phone numbers, emails, and so on. The DeFi sphere aims for complete anonymity, especially when it comes to private information.
The Yieldparrot platform will never ask for private information.

🧐 Protect your crypto information wisely
Never make a copy of personal crypto possessions! This is the most common mistake among both first-time and experienced crypto users.
The best way to safely copy and store your crypto information is by writing it down on paper.
It is NOT safe to:
❌Take a screenshot by using your laptop or desktop.
❌Make a photo by using your smartphone.
❌Copy and paste the code into saved messages, emails, notepad, or elsewhere on your device.
Yieldparrot will never ask for your seed phrase and wallet’s password.

👊🏼Avoid fake crypto events
Beware of fakes that use the identity of a real project to promote forged giveaways, airdrops, contests, and competitions.
Besides, the scammers frequently flood the comment sections with messages supporting the scam offer and confirming its “reliability”.

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot🦜



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