How to swap tokens between BSC and Fantom — Yield Parrot Academy Ch. №3: Cross-chain Bridge

In this easy guide, you can quickly learn how to send tokens from multiple blockchains to Fantom and vice-versa using SpookySwap’s bridge

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In preparation for the next major milestone of our roadmap, going multichain into Fantom Opera, we have prepared a new chapter of Yield parrot Academy. On this occasion, the parrot teacher will explain to us how to send your tokens from one blockchain to Fantom Opera blockchain through SpookySwap’s bridge in easy and simple steps.

> Step zero is to enter
> Then follow the instructions above to bridge your tokens quickly and easily.

1. Select Networks for Bridge Direction

First, select the networks you’d like to bridge to and from. One of the networks must be Fantom as the SpookySwap bridge does not support bridging ETH -> BSC or BSC -> ETH.

2. Select Token to Bridge

In the “Token to Bridge” field, select a token that you’d like to bridge.

3. Enter the Amount

Check that the amount you’ve entered is within the minimum and maximum supported by Anyswap. Bridging tokens other than FTM onto the Fantom network will not incur a fee! There will still be a fee for all tokens when transferring off of the Fantom network.

4. Click “Bridge Token”

Metamask will ask you to confirm your action. There will be 2 transactions for you to confirm, one going out from A chain, one accepting into B chain. The received amount will automatically deduct the price of the fee.

NOTE: You will receive the same token you bridged!

5. View Your Bridged Token

Check your transactions activity history on FTMscan to see if it arrived. To view the token you’ve just bridged over on your wallet, connect your wallet to Fantom Opera, and add the ability to display the token that you bridged:

  1. Go to Swap.
  2. Click on a token button to summon the token selection list.
  3. Find the token you’ve just bridged, or import it with its address on Fantom Opera.
  4. Click on the “+” to add to your wallet display.

6. After Bridging to Fantom?

You’ve checked that your lovely tokens have successfully crossed the bridge on FTMscan or AnySwap Tools, yes! Welcome to Fantom Opera.
What now? If you were looking forward to trading some tokens, farm on rich soil, just like any other chain, you’d need some FTM for gas to perform transactions.

Luckily you can get some free gas:
1. Enter the following link →
2. Set your wallet address.
3. Submit

We strongly recommended to swap for more FTM as your first transaction as you can only use this once.

Stay tuned and hear all the news about Yield Parrot 🦜🚀



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