$fLORY tokenomics and presale details

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3 min readJan 4, 2022


We are about to achieve a big milestone of our roadmap, going multichain into Fantom chain. In order to get this done in the right way to ensure the success of both the presale and the post-launch growth price, we partnered with DeFi Launch and joined their Incubation Program.

We worked on several areas of our ecosystem to strengthen it up and offer a valuable protocol to all our community and all the new members that will join. We have improved our marketing plans and added DeFi Launch media partners, with great discounts on big marketing packages. Some DeFi partners from Fantom were facilitated by DeFi Launch too.

But one of the most important things we’ve achieved in the Incubation Program is assistance in our tokenomics architecture, building a more sustainable protocol that can sustain the token value over time.

The most important thing that we changed about $fLORY tokenomics is the limited supply, which will ensure that after 12 months, there will be no more $fLORY emissions. That can ensure all our holders that the price of the token will go up in the long term.

And the second feature that is extremely valuable for all the community is the buyback vaults, which will ensure that there’s going to be constant buy pressure of the $fLORY token. Every time a vault compounds (6 times per day), there is more buying of the $fLORY token, benefiting all the holders.

General information about the IDO

Date and time: Jan 8th, 23.00 UTC
Place: https://ftm.defilaunch.finance/presale
IDO Duration: 72h

Tier 1: 0.180 USDC (138.889 fLory) — 25% 25.000 USDC
Tier 2: 0.190 USDC (131.579 fLory) — 25% 25.000 USDC
Tier 3: 0.196 USDC (255.102 fLory) — 50% 50.000 USDC
Listing price: 0.20 USDC
Amount to be raised: 100.000 USDC

Initial Supply: 1,020,000 fLORY
• 25% Locked Liquidity (250,000 fLORY)
• 52% Presale (525,570 fLORY)
• 12% Marketing (124,430fLORY)
• 6% Team & Devs (locked) (65,000 fLORY)
• 4% Advisors (35,000 fLORY)
• 2% General Reserve (20,000 fLORY)

How to bridge to Fantom and participate in the presale?

We have published an article with an easy step-by-step instructive that will allow you to get into Fantom and participate in the presale and in every Fantom project you want.

It takes you less than 5 minutes and you get 0.2 FTM for free!

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