$fLORY presale on DeFi Launch

All the details about the IDO coming up in January for our multichain plans on Fantom

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2 min readDec 7, 2021


Our most recent partner, DeFi Launch, has an amazing Incubation Program that will strengthen Yield Parrot’s protocol. With experts in security, tokenomics architecture, media partners, marketing teams, and more, we will work side by side to build an outstanding solution.

They will launch $fDLAUNCH on Fantom on December 12th, opening the possibility to host $fLORY presale later in December at their platform (defilaunch.finance). Fantom is one of the most promising blockchains, with exponential growth in the last few months and an extremely efficient design with one of the lowest gas fees.

Yield Parrot will start a series of AMAs and marketing campaigns across multiple Dapps, Twitter accounts, Telegram and Discord DeFi related groups and strategic media partners from DeFi Launch. These actions will attract massive attention and increase the participation at $fLORY presale.

Right after launch, we have already achieved some really big partnerships, with very successful projects, including the #1 project on all the Fantom Opera chain. This will nurture Yield Parrot Fantom ecosystem greatly and benefit all $fLORY holders.

$fLORY will have a max supply aiming for long-term sustainability of the protocol

What about BSC $LORY?

While we work along with DeFi Launch tokenomics architecture experts searching for the best strategies and model, we will also work to adjust the current BSC $LORY tokenomics in order to benefit all holders and the community.

And apart from tokenomics redesigning, BSC $LORY will also get access to all BSC partners and resources that DeFi Launch provides. Stronger and more efficient marketing campaigns will be deployed across multiple Dapps, and more valuable partnerships attracted.

Stay tuned to all our channels to find out when $fLORY is coming to Fantom Opera and get into a new ATH



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