First 48 hours of Yield Parrot´s flight

A lot has happened in the first two days since launch. Here we will tell you everything and what will come next.

YieldParrot´s huge growth in statistics

This data represents the raw on-chain activity of the tracked smart contracts

Audits and contracts verification 🧐

As we’ve been promising for quite some time, Yield Parrot was audited before launch. But that’s not all, we also promised that we would have a second audit after launch to demonstrate to our community that Yield Parrot is highly secure.
Apeswap family strongly recommended that we get audited by HashEx. We decided to follow their advice and now we are about to receive the final certificate with the approved audit.
We have also verified all the strategy contracts!

🍖 Barbecue Finance & ApeSwap 🐵

The IGO (Initial “Grill” Offering) at Barbecue went perfectly well. Since the launch, the BBQ vaults have not stopped rising. The barbecue community is very happy to be able to stake their BBQs with auto-compounding.

Price and TVL - Stable and Rising 📈

From the moment of launch, the TVL has been rising steadily. In the first 24 hours, it has grown exponentially, starting at $ 130,000 and reaching 4.7 million! In the last hours, it has remained stable around 4 million.

Difficulties & Solutions 🛠️

Since the launch, we have also encountered some obstacles but with hard work and commitment, we have overcome them quickly. 💪🏽

Coming soon: New Vaults & Jackpot! 🎰

From the first moment, a very attractive offer from Vaults could be seen at Yield Parrot. But there is still much more to do, we will continually add new vaults to keep the space fresh and renewed.

We want to hear you. Write down your proposals.

Community Suggestions.💖



State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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Yield Parrot

State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming