After achieving a major milestone, getting our second audit by HashEx, our dev team has worked very hard to allow $LORY to go multichain. Our business relations team has also worked hard to ensure that when Yield Parrot goes multi-chain, it opens up great opportunities for our entire community.


Bikini Finance will begin its presale on Nov 21st, 11pm UTC and after the $BIKINI token successful launch we will add some developments to open new opportunities for all the community.

Bikini Finance will also build farms and vaults with $LORY involved, increasing the buying pressure and getting the price…

This partnership has brought a lot of new and amazing opportunities for the Yield Parrot community. With vaults and pools on and pool and farms on, this collaboration has opened a window for new developments that will continue nurturing Yield Parrot & Dinosaur Eggs ecosystems.

What is Dinosaur Eggs?

Dinosaur Eggs is…

We continue to grow and today we take another step in our strategic plan of partnerships with different projects to expand the protocol and increase the value for Lory holders.

What is DeFi Launch?

DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process.
As the first incubator…

Lots of things have been achieved in the first four months since we launch. Amazing partnership with the most successful projects on all the Binance Smart Chain, a wide variety of vaults and pools with extraordinary high APYs, Cosmic Zap, improved security and audits, and more.

As the DeFi world…

As we promised before launch, Yield Parrot would be having two audits from two different audit companies. We were audited by Techrate before launch, making presale investors confident on our project. And to strength even more the security, we promised that we would be getting a second audit.

HashEx is…

What is Singular?

Singular is a multichain protocol with a lucrative unique Triple Farming System. Together with their community, it provides secure, safe, reliable, sustainable projects.

What is $SING?

Sing is the governance token at Singular. You can buy $SING at Apeswap and stake them at the pools and farms of the website.

What does this partnership mean to the Yield Parrot?

What is Fleta Connect?

Fleta Connect is a new DeFi service created by Team Fleta with years of experience in the field. It is willing to offer significant benefits to their users with its own buyback mechanism and aims to give more rewards to DeFi users.

What is $CHERRY?

Cherry is the governance token at Fleta Connect…

Yield Parrot

State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer built on #BinanceSmartChain $LORY #BSC #DeFi #Yieldfarming

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